Maio 3, 2007

Depois de lêr isto fiquei um pouco banzada. Mas, já tinha lido uma coisa semelhante num sítio qualquer. Como em tudo na vida há duas faces.

Myspace Safety and Privacy

Especially if you are a young person, you should carefully consider how much personal information you want to reveal to the entire world. Kids on Myspace should be cautioned about not revealing their physical location to strangers, but there’s another potential downside to sharing your photo, personal information and ramblings in an online public space… Landlords, employers and college admissions departments can (and do) use Myspace and other social networking sites as a part of background checks.

So if you’ve been turned down for an apartment, a new job, or didn’t get accepted to the college of your choice, it’s entirely possible that something in your online profile was a factor. It’s also possible that a bogus profile created by a pranskster or malicious person may be reflecting negatively on you.

So it’s wise to search for your own name on Myspace, LiveJournal, Facebook and other social networking sites if you’re moving, considering a new job, or submitting a college application.


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